Get your suspension serviced in Fairfax by a certified suspension technician and get back out on the trails faster. No shipping your fork off and waiting weeks for it’s return!

Today’s intricate and high performance suspension forks and shocks are engineered to provide incredible damping abilities at as light a weight as possible.

To stay in good working order, your Fox and Rockshox suspension need regular wiper seal and bath oil changes, as well as regular full service rebuilds (annually for most riders).

Not doing your regular maintenance will lead to harsher riding and eventually expensive replacement parts or failure. Just like changing the oil in your car, preventative maintenance is worth it in the long run!

Fork Full Service and Damper Rebuild- $175 (includes seals and oil)

An annual service for most riders, or every 6 months for daily or hard charging riders (Fox recommends every 125 ride hours). A full service includes a full break down, cleaning and inspection of your fork and rebuild with Fox or Rockshox oil.

Service includes: 

  • Complete external inspection

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of all internal parts

  • All wear item seals and o-rings replaced

  • Fox and Rockshox oil specific to your fork

  • New travel indicator o-ring installed

  • Complete reassembly and settings check

Fork Dust Wiper Seals and oil change- $75 (includes seals and oil)

Like an oil change for your car, this regular service keeps your fork feeling plush and keeps contaminants out of your fork. Includes new dust wipers, foam rings and oil. Recommended every 50 hours of riding by manufacturers.

rear Shock Service for Single Barrel shocks- $100 (includes seals and oil)

Did you know that your rear shock leads a harder life than your fork? Often carrying more body weight than the fork, your rear shock is doing at least the same amount of work at a higher pressure and with less oil, leading to a harder life for the oil and seals. A full service includes cleaning and inspection, new seals and oil.

Single barrel rear shocks include the Fox RP23, DPS and Rockshox Monarch, Deluxe

Piggyback rear Shock Service- $145 (includes seals and oil)

Same as above for your more complex rear shock. Includes the more expensive full service kit.

Piggy back rear shocks include the Fox DPX2. Float X, and Rockshox Monarch Plus, Super Deluxe

About Mountain Bike SF’s Marin County Suspension Service

Our in-house suspension service technician is United Bicycle Institute certified, and has complete Fox Racing Shox’s Master Suspension Class. Get your suspension serviced locally in Fairfax and get back out on the trails faster, with no packing or shipping fees to deal with.

Available by appointment and with fast turn around times (24 hours if parts are in stock) we have all the proprietary tools to professionally service your fork and rear shock suspension.

Great riding and stunning scenery

Family and Kids rides available

Custom routes tailored to your ability

Jamie and I really enjoyed our mountain bike trip with Mark! The ride was exactly the challenge and experience we wanted for the afternoon after attending conferences!
— Tara and Jamie, Lexington, KY

Marin County, CAlifornia the birth of a sport

Marin County is the birthplace of the Mountain Bike. Back in the early 1970s a group of young men and women started riding their Klunker paperboy bikes up and down the fire protection roads in the county.  While some would argue they weren't the only (or even first ones) to start taking bikes up and down mountains, it was their modification of their cruiser bikes, adding of handbrakes and eventually derailleur and multiple gears that get them credit with the birth of the sport. Come ride the birthplace with mountain Bike SF.

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